Welcome to Nursery! The Nursery Practitioner is Mrs. N. Davies.  Supported by Mrs K. Smith and Mrs Williams.

Our topic for this half term is “Where does snow go?”

The children will be given the opportunity to enquire about cold weather, snow and ice and we will be looking at melting and freezing.  The children will become investigators and look for seasonal changes around our school and community.

The nursery children will be looking at snowy paintings by Monet and will be given the opportunity to use water colours and a range of brushes and materials to create their own snowy scenes.

Whilst developing their responses to music we shall be using atmospheric music to put together a ‘blizzard ballet’ during our PE time. The children can work with others to pretend, improvise and think imaginatively about creative movement and music.

To ensure the children learn about our natural environment and to make them good global citizens we shall be reading the poem ‘The North Wind Doth Blow’.  We will be asking the children what they can do to help birds in winter time.  As a class we shall be feeding the birds and making sure they have food and water in these cold months.

Along with our topic we shall be working on our phonics and learning two new sounds each week.  We shall immerse ourselves in maths activities in and around the classroom and will sing daily songs to help with our learning.

Our front door will continue to show our word of the week, rhyme of the week, story of the week and any information you need to know, so please do keep a look out.

As always please do not hesitate to see us if you have any problems or queries – we are there to help.   Let’s make this journey of your children’s education a wonderful one!

You can download a pdf. copy of our termly overview here: nursery-overview-spring-2017


Monday–  Fruit money please (£1 a week)

Our ‘one day only’ send in any toy or your news for your child to discuss.

Tuesday – PE – for this half term please send your child in a PE kit suitable for indoor and    outdoor activities.

Wednesday – Please return sharing the learning books.

Thursday – We will share the learning with the class.

Friday – Forest Friday or creative arts day.  Please see the front door to see what group your child is in .  However please still send in a warm coat, gloves and hat as every child will still be going outdoors whatever the weather!

Could you please ensure that all your child’s clothing is clearly labelled with their name.